We are in the look for that very special person who is going to be the heart and soul of the office, making sure that business can run smoothly by giving our colleagues all the support needed so they are able to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Are you this super precise person, who can be trusted to get things done?
Are you happy to organize everything on the computer to nice tidy folders?
Do you have a daily checklist to make sure to never forget anything?
Can you prepare a business trip with one hand and check a contract with the other hand?
If all the answers are all yes, we are looking for you!

How your days going to look like:

Supporting sales with

  • checking sales quotes for proper prices, discounts
  • prepare contracts
  • update internal registries
  • create regular reports

Supporting finance with

  • monitor outstanding receivables, payment due dates, resolve payment issues
  • collect and prepare documentation for bookkeeping
  • preparatory work for invoicing

General administration tasks as

  • Updating the internal documentation and procedures
  • Operate the electronic documentation system
  • continuous support for employees in the business administration department
  • prepare business trips

Main characteristic of the new office superhero:

  • native Bulgarian, intermediate English knowledge
  • a few years experience in a role with similar tasks
  • if you are able to start within a few weeks is a huge plus

What you can expect

  • competitive salary (20-24.000 BGN/year)
  • flexible working hours
  • supportive environment, opportunity for career growth



Registration number: BP/0701/8615-1/2017-1087



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