Are you passionate about developing great software? Do you feel proud when you help create a product that many people use? Do you consider yourself to be a good developer? Do you enjoy working in a multidisciplinary and diverse team? You always wanted to work in open source for a living? If so, this might be your dream job. We are looking for someone with passion for software development and web technologies.

In this role, you will...

  • Work in a long-term software product. Building strong foundations, without being constrained by deadlines, delivering the best possible solution and iterating then.
  • Work in an open source distributed company with strong ethical values, sharp vision, in an international environment.
  • Work on a platform that works as standalone product that can integrate several systems and the date behind them for enterprises.
  • Work on a platform that runs in Cloud also as a Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Work on a platform that is evolving to support Headless and B2B services.
  • Work on all the security aspects of the platform and of different tehcnologies and methodologies listed above. Implementing security "standards", work with and reconcile popular solutions worldwide for long time extending with hot solutions.
  • Design and implement new features and frameworks for the company's Platform and other products that are used by thousands of developers and end users around the world.
  • Write high quality and maintainable code. Keeping technical debt under control.
  • Participate in peer review processes, growing along with your teammates. Suggest improvements and be humble enough to allow other’s suggestions. Everyone learns from everyone, no matter how brilliant you are.
  • Use Git and GitHub in a daily basis: branches, merges, rebases, pull-requests, etc.
  • Work closely with Product Management teams to implement the shared vision.

Skills & Requirements

  • You’re a vocational programmer, a coder, an engineer and you’re proud of that.
  • Self-starter, quick learner, self-motivated, proactive beyond your duty.
  • Good team player.
  • Excellent attention to detail. Seriously, more than that.
  • It’s a big plus if you’re a contributor to open source, hackathons, meetups or whatever related to coding.
  • Understand and share the values of agile development. No matter what fancy tools or words you know, agile is about core values.
  • Experience with software engineering best practices: version control, unit testing, etc.
  • Write high quality code using Java, Javascript, Freemarker, SQL
  • Proficient with Git (or any other DVCS) and related branching patterns: git-flow, pull-requests, rebases, etc.
  • Fully comfortable working in Hungarian and English, both written and spoken. Some of your teammates will be in the Americas, Asia or Europe.
  • Currently living or willing/able to relocate to Budapest.


We are offering Software Engineers a high flexibility environment with cutting edge technology and excellent opportunities to redefine how enterprise releases are handled and delivered. We place a highest priority on the development and success of our colleagues, with clarity of goals, performance and clear opportunities to grow and succeed.

Employee development is part of our DNA. We are continuously learning and constantly evolving new ways to enable skill development and growth across all roles.


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