Our partner is a leading provider of enterprise open source platform, servicing Fortune 500 companies worldwide. 700+ team members in 21 offices around the globe work together to make useful technology so people can reach their full potential to serve others.




Our partners vision for this position: Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing help on a deeper technical level and improve the product quality.


How they give awesome support?

  • They prefer quality focus vs rush to close, to ensure one-time quality resolution.
  • They work with a simulated customer environment.
  • They always respond with insight.
  • They don't rest until we solve the problem.

The technologies they work with:

  • Full stack Java based web application frontend development for the hundreds of applications within the main product, within the partners portal working with HTML, CSS, Javascripts, out-of-the-box templating, theming possibilities.
  • Full stack, with the meaning, beside several well-known libraries, frameworks (ECMAScript 6 (ES6)/ECMAScript 2015 (ES2015), JQuery, YUI), their company is founder of groundbreaking frameworks built upon frequent technologies and along modern tech directions (for example Lexicon, Alloy, MetalJS, clipboard.js, Wedeploy).
  • The Hungarian office handles multiple global projects, therefore there are unlimited ways you can contribute.

What they daily do?

  • Answer heavy questions
  • Advice for best approach
  • Identify and solve bugs
  • Do coding, code strategy
  • Extend functionality
  • Our customers are Sysadmins, Developers and Partner consultants.

What they offer:

  • They are offering to the Developers a motivated and enjoyable 8-hour day workplace with freedom to explore their own ways with long-term learning opportunities of working with a continuously renewing set of technologies.
  • They take care of our people individually, target 60% daily work, 20% helping each other and 20% learning time with near zero administration.
  • Their environment offers latest cutting edge technology and excellent opportunities to redefine how enterprise releases are handled and delivered. They place a highest priority on the development and success of our colleagues, with clarity of goals, performance and clear opportunities to grow and succeed.
  • Employee development is part of our DNA. They are continuously learning and evolving new ways to enable skill development and growth across all roles.
  • If you are excited and enjoy solving technical solution challenges for customers, you will feel right at home at out partner in an environment where they constantly strive for continuous improvements.